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Wow! What a week!

Good day to you all 🙂

I’ve just completed my 16th weigh-in and I’m simply delighted to tell you that I’ve managed to misplace another four pounds.  That’s eight pounds in the last two weeks!  And I was expecting to put a bit of weight on this week!

For a variety of reasons I’ve not been able to get to the pool at all this week, so to be completely honest I would have been really pleased to lose anything, let alone a rather enormous four pounds.  I’ve also gone slightly over my points on a few days, and actually finished the week 2.5 points over my allowance, so really would have understood if I’d stayed the same or gained a bit.  That’s really quite an important lesson I think, as it suggests once again that it’s not the daily or weekly stuff that makes the difference, it’s the long-term stuff, along with the long-term habits that you pick up, that make the real difference.

There are some key milestones that I’ve hit this week.  I tipped the scales at 15st 9lb this morning, from a starting point of 18st 4lb, which means that I’m now past the two and a half stone mark.  I’ve also dipped below 100kg, which for the metric speakers amongst you is probably key, although I’ve never really used kg myself.  I’m now just 1lb away from my next target, which is to lose 15% of my starting weight, so that’s just round the corner.  I’ve now lost 37 pounds in total, which is somewhere in the region of the weight of a 37 inch LCD television.  Plus the stand.  Or an 8″ x 8″ x 16″ concrete block.  It is actually starting to get difficult to accept that a few months ago I was carrying all that extra weight.

If anyone reading this is wondering whether they could cope with the strict regime that weight watchers imposes on you, it might be helpful for me to pick out a few highlights from last week’s food intake.  This week I have eaten:

  • KFC
  • Burger King
  • Bacon sandwiches
  • Burger and chips (twice)
  • 11 packets of crisps
  • a bag of midget gems (more on these later)

Not what I would expect someone losing weight to be eating really, but that does show the whole ethos behind weight watchers – if you’re prepared to adjust your other eating to compensate for it, you can eat whatever you want.  To provide a clearer overall picture I should add that this week I have also eaten:

  • Lots of salads
  • Loads of fruits
  • Salmon, prawns and tuna
  • Chicken
  • A ton of vegetables

This isn’t how I used to eat.  For a start, on a visit to Burger King, I would always have had an XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger and Fries – often large fries.  These days I have a Whopper (no cheese) and fries – never large.  On a visit to KFC I would always have had absolutely everything and carried on eating until I felt physically unwell.  These days I’m happy with a couple of bits of chicken and regular fries.  Even so, if I do go to BK or KFC, then I have to adjust the rest of my eating to allow for it.

  • Eating sensible amounts, whatever I’m eating
  • Adjusting the rest of my intake to allow for it

Those two things allow me the flexibility to eat what I want while still losing weight.  This is indeed a good thing.

A quick point on the midget gems, as I’m not sure I’m all that comfortable having them around.  I know I said the other week that they didn’t have any power over me any more, but I think that I wasn’t being completely honest with you.  I bought another bag this week, and however much I tried to ignore them, I could hear them calling to me from their draw in the kitchen.  The real problem was they kept saying to me “it’s a bad idea to have midget gems in the house – it would now be a great idea to eat the whole of the rest of the bag, otherwise you’ll probably die”.  That’s not a good sign really, as that’s the classic addiction call as far as I’m concerned.  I’m not scared of them in the way that I once was, but I think I do need to be cautious around them, so may just lay off them for a bit.

Anyway, as I mentioned above I’m now just 1lb away from my next target, which is to lose 15% of my starting weight.  There are also a couple of other targets which are beginning to loom large in the road ahead of me.  First of all, there is the 14st something target, which is now just ten pounds away.  I have a feeling that it will take quite some time to get there, but that will really be something quite special when I hit that.  Before that though, I get to hit a rather excellent goal.  When I lose another five pounds, so when I hit 15st 4lb, that’s when I officially become OVERWEIGHT!  I will no longer be one of the statistics in the obese world, and will simply be OVERWEIGHT!  I will need to find some appropriate way to celebrate this momentous event when it happens, which it surely will.

I don’t expect the next few weeks to show major weight losses, as from reviewing my stats over the past few months, that’s not the way it tends to go.  If I go through a few weeks where I lose a lot, I then tend to have a few weeks where I lose a little, stay the same or put on a bit.  It all evens itself out in the end though, so I really am not all that concerned about that at all.  Honestly 🙂

May the shrinking continue.

The Shrinking Man

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Great news well done you and amazing loss so far in. I put on 1/2 pound last week and, as you say, had no idea why (1/2 doesnt sound much I know but when I dont have so much to lose it is all relative) seem to be a bit stuck this week too although still pointing like mad and laying off the bad (or badder) stuff !!!! I love the fact we can still eat crap and lose – just not so much crap – have to say I cant stand KFC they make me throw up – maybe that might be a good diet tip – but BK yes….but I dont have as many points as you so am left with McDonalds salad and a portion of nuggets that i just dont think about what is actuallY IN them !!! Chicken kebab is a big favourite of mine cos really good and also chinese – yum ….WELL DONE YOU FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT CANT WAIT TO SEE THE 14 STONE YOU EHH !!!!

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