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What an odd week

The Shrinking Man - Weight loss for menHi all

Just a quick update today – it’s been a rather odd week.

When we last spoke, I was unsure how to proceed.  I knew I couldn’t continue eating what I wanted without losing control and piling the pounds back on again.  I also knew I was finding it difficult to give Atkins the dedication it requires to be successful.

I wasn’t clear how to proceed, so decided that I would remove a lot of the processed carb stuff from my diet, but not get too uptight about it all.  I’ve just started a new work contract, so have been ridiculously busy which has helped.  I’ve also had very busy evenings, which again has made it easier to distract myself.

What that’s meant is that I’ve had a simple bowl of fruit (mainly berries) and full fat greek yoghurt for breakfast on most days.  For lunch I’ve had a brown baguette with ham, egg mayonnaise and salad.  For dinner I’ve had whatever my wife and daughter have been having, but with less or no potato/pasta/rice at all.  For the majority of the week I’ve drunk water all day, with at most one glass of diet cherryade or orangeade in the evening.  I’ve not snacked all week.

The weekend has been different.  On Friday I had a couple of hot cross buns for breakfast, and added a pack of crisps to my lunch.  We then got a KFC as a treat of sorts in the evening, including a bottle of diet coke.  I hadn’t felt any different during the day on Friday, but once it got to KFC time, I certainly ate more than I needed to.  I still left some, but felt unpleasantly stuffed afterwards.  Following the KFC, I snacked a bit during the evening – I ate crisps, biscuits and a few other bits.  Nothing too much (not for a fat bloke anyway) but the old cravings were definitely back.

Saturday followed a similar pattern – I had my fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, but very quickly was into the leftover chicken.  Crisps and biscuits during the day and homemade pizza for tea, with cheesecake for pudding.  Again an evening of snacking, including a bit more cheesecake, some chocolate and some biscuits.

Since I left work on Friday, I’ve not touched a drop of water.  Everything I’ve drunk has been some sort of diet drink – some diet coke, but mainly orangeade and cherryade.

It’s Sunday morning now, and I’m finding writing this really interesting, as I hadn’t really taken on board just how much I’d snacked since Friday.  What’s most interesting perhaps is what led to the change in behaviour.  I guess it could have been down to a few things:

  1. I can’t do that sort of sensible moderation for more than a few days at a time
  2. As soon as I stopped being busy, I had too much time to think and my demons took over
  3. The food that I ate from Friday breakfast time started a cycle of craving that made it inevitable that I was going to carry on eating too much
  4. The artificially sweetened drink that I’ve been drinking since Friday evening has triggered cravings of some sort that made it inevitable that I was going to carry on eating too much

Now I’m sure that there are elements of all of those going on.  I’ve got a lot of ingrained habits to break, so it’s probably sensible to expect a few lapses.  Suddenly having time to sit and do nothing probably also played a part – it really has been a crazily busy week.  But my money is on the main driver being a combination of the latter two.  Once I started eating the wrong stuff, and drinking the wrong stuff, I found it pretty much impossible to stop eating and drinking more of the wrong stuff, and all the familiar cravings were back.

Does that mean I never eat stuff like KFC again?  It would probably be a good idea, but rightly or wrongly at the moment, I still see that stuff as a treat, and I like treats.  What I think it means is that I’m going to have to accept that when I do eat stuff like that, that it’s going to lead to some cravings that I’ll struggle to control.  If I accept that and still want to eat it, then that’s an informed decision that I’ll have to accept the consequences of.  The same for the drinks – the cherryade and stuff that I’ve loved since childhood can’t be all I drink – if they are, then I’ll always struggle with my weight.  I think the coke is different altogether, and I’ll write more on that in another update later.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is this.  I’ve spent the week feeling pretty much in control of what I’ve been eating and drinking.  Then at the weekend, I’ve changed things around and have lost control of what I’ve been eating and drinking.

And I’ve lost three pounds.  Which is rather funny when all is said and done.

Have a great week.

The Shrinking Man

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