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Well I’m Still Here!

Morning everyone 🙂

The weigh-in for week 40 has just been completed, and I’m chuffed, relieved and more than slightly proud to report a -4 to get me back on track.

As of this morning, I weigh a grand total of 14st 7lb.  That’s 14 and a half stone, 203 lbs or 92.3kg in new money and brings my running total up to 53lb/24.13kg lost.  The 18st 4lb fat bloke that started this thing back in June 2010 now has hip bones and ribs!

I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks to those of you who took the time to get in touch after last week’s blog and offer some advice and support.  The shrinking world can be a very lonely and scary place at times, so to Dave, Jim, David and Kate in particular, your kind words and encouragement genuinely helped me to pick myself up, dust myself down a little and just get on with it.

This week I’ve been the model WW shrinker.  I’ve eaten within my daily points on most days, used some of my weekly points for special circumstances on a couple, pointed everything I’ve eaten, drunk lots of water, and generally ticked all the right boxes (and not a midget gem in sight!).  And oddly enough, I lost weight.

And yet last week, where I ate above my daily points on most days, used all of my weekly points within the first few days, didn’t point everything I’d eaten, didn’t drink much water and generally ate as if I wasn’t trying to shrink, I put weight on.  Strange how it all works isn’t it?

The simplicity and predictability of this is quite powerful at times.  You do the right things, and you get the right results, as with just about everything else in life I guess.  That doesn’t help when you know that, but aren’t actually doing it, but that’s just something that I’m going to have to learn to deal with as I go on 🙂

I tend to make a point of only weighing myself once a week, but this week I weighed myself almost every day.  I wouldn’t recommend it, and certainly won’t do it regularly, but it really throws up some interesting information when you do.  I weighed myself after a couple of days of knuckling down and doing things properly and the scales showed a -4.  Obviously thrilled to bits with that.  The next day, I was showing -2.  Slightly less thrilled.  The day after that, I was showing a STS (stayed the same).  The next day a -1, then a -3.  Put simply. it was all over the place!

That tells me a couple of really important things.  First of all, if ever I had any doubt about just how much your weight can fluctuate naturally from day to day, then that’s just sealed the deal.  The answer is lots.  Secondly, it tells me that there really is no point weighing yourself more than once a week, and that you should never get too down or happy about any particular weigh-in, as it might not be showing you the true picture.  Lastly it tells me that how I’m eating is more important than what the scales are showing, as that will, in the end, be the thing that will control what the scales are showing.

I’ve had a great week, and I’ve enjoyed being back in control.  I feel a little bruised and battered right now, but I’m very aware that it would have been easy to drop the whole thing last week.  The fact that I didn’t let it drop fills me with hope for the future, and confirms that this time I’m approaching my shrinking in a sensible and sustainable manner.  I also feel less alone, so thanks again to you all.

Have a great week.

The Shrinking Man

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Nice result. Well done and stay focused. Hoping for another good week (for us both).


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