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Week 55

Morning all!

Well I’ve had an interesting week – I hope yours has been fun too.  The dull thing I have to report is that the weigh-in for week 55 has just been carried out, and I’ve only got an STS to report (STS = Stayed The Same for the uninitiated).  After last week’s excitement of matching my lowest weight in living memory, it was probably always going to be this way, so I’ll just have to wait a bit before I venture into truly uncharted territory.

I’ve been experimenting with a few things on the site, which might make life more interesting in the future.  If you’re reading this on an Android or iPhone handset, then you should be looking at something that’s much easier to read and navigate your way around.  If you’re not reading this on an Android or iPhone handset, but you have an Android or iPhone handset, then if you’ve got a minute, give it a try – I’d love to hear whether it ‘works’ or not.  If you don’t like the new interface, then you can switch back to the old one at the bottom of the page anyway, but I think it’s much easier to use.

I’m also exploring the possibility of adding in a few ‘members only’ type features to the site such as a discussion forum along with a handful of other bits and pieces – I’m not sure whether that’s sensible/required/insane/off-putting/dull, but if you’ve got a view, then let me know, either at or by adding a comment to this post.

In the Shrinking World, this week has been mostly about clothes.  I’ve just been through my whole wardrobe and sent another couple of bin bags of clothes off to the charity shop, and that means that someone is going to be getting some bargains in shrinking land.  The really noticeable thing this time is that most of the clothes were a whole lot newer and a whole lot smaller than I’ve ever thrown out before.  I’ve been quite ruthless, and anything that was too big has gone for good.  That was a bit of a weird experience, as it wasn’t too long ago that I was so proud to be getting into Gap clothes with an L on them, and I’ve now thrown out a whole load of them for being too big, and they’ve hardly been worn.

I’m genuinely enjoying the fact that I can go into a clothes shop and be able to choose ANYTHING in the shop, rather than just the few things that have a load of Xs on the label.  The fact that in most shops I’m now comfortably in the M category gives me a little boost every time I buy something.  It’s a little disconcerting that some labels seem to operate in different spatial zones to everyone else, particularly some of the ones that I’m very fond of – Ben Sherman in particular – I’m only just getting into L Ben Sherman stuff, and I have an M Ben Sherman shirt bought by mistake that I don’t think will ever fit me – my bones just aren’t that small.

To be honest I’m slightly concerned that I’m getting just a little bit vain at the moment – I’m checking myself out in mirrors/shop windows/spoons more than ever before, and find it difficult to talk about much else with Mrs Shrinking at home.  In reality, I think I’ve always checked myself out in mirrors, but traditionally all I’ve been looking at was my face – I managed to avoid seeing anything below the chins, whereas now I’m looking at the waistline (or more specifically the lack of it).  I’ve promised my wife that this will be a short-term thing, but that I’m just enjoying it so much at the moment, that I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.  Alright, let’s be totally honest, I just don’t want to.  So there!

This next week will be very interesting, as I’m off to foreign climes on business for a week, so will have considerably less control over what I’m eating than is usually the case.  Part of me is petrified that I’ll come back a stone heavier, and that will be the end of my shrinking – there is definitely a little bit of me that is planning the onslaught on the midget gems as soon as I hit the airport.  Part of me is just intrigued to see what happens, and how comfortable I can be at making the right choices in a less controlled environment.  Part of me is just accepting that in this sort of situation I’ll probably gain a little, as would most people, but it won’t be the end of the world, and I’ll deal with it.  The more positive thing is that I’m off to a conference, and the last time I was in a room with these people I was two and a half stone heavier, so I’ll be feeling just a little smug/vain/chuffed for a while there too!  That’s if I’m allowed in to the country – I’ve just checked my passport photo, and it really doesn’t look anything like me any more!

Anyway, I have a case to pack, so I need to go and rejoin the real world for a while.  Wish me luck, and have a great week yourself.

The Shrinking Man.

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Well done, and good luck with the trip away. It is always good to see how much extra seat belt you have when you get on a plane. I went to just being able to do it up, to having some 8″ spare 😉 such a great feeling.

I’m thinking of going out and taking photo’s of anyone looking in shop windows at their reflection and possibly capturing for posterity the first on record of the shrinkingman.

Thanks for the feedback gentlemen – much appreciated 🙂

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