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Two Stone, Twenty Eight Pounds and Ten Percent!

The running total this morning stands at twenty eight pounds!  That’s two whole stone!  That’s 14.6 kilos in new money!  That’s a grand total of just over 10% of my starting weight that has simply gone.  It is no more.  It has ceased to be.  It is ex-weight! (I’m aware that this probably wasn’t what John Cleese had in mind when he wrote the parrot sketch, but I’m in a good mood, so he’ll just have to put up with it 😉 ).

I’ve had an interesting week too – I’ve been staying in the beautiful city of York for a conference, so have had my food provided by other people for four days out of the seven.  That means that as well as there being a lot of bad choices available for me to make, I’ve also had considerably less control and information about what was in the food that I chose and how it was cooked.

I’ve also been away from the pool for a whole week due to the rather small (but lovely) guest house I stayed in refusing my request to get one built before I arrived, but I’ve gone some way towards making up for that by walking everywhere.

Each morning I’ve had the lovely owner of the guest house offering me delights that I’ve not experienced these past 12 weeks, and each morning I’ve been surrounded by large gentlemen sampling such delights.  Before you get the wrong idea and start booking up at the guest house expecting a rather different kind of room-service, I should point out that I’m talking about traditional English fry-up breakfasts.  It’s safe to say that a few months back I’d have taken advantage of her offer each and every day, but that was the old me.  That was the one that would have come back from York having gained weight and not lost it!  I also know that in previous shrinking attempts, I would have resented myself for not having the huge breakfast, and it would probably have dominated my thoughts throughout the day until I gave in and had one.  Sad, but true.

The great thing this time was that there wasn’t a moment where I actually wanted one.  I ate fruit and yoghurt every morning, and on a couple of occasions supplemented that with a delightful bacon sandwich.  Without butter.  That I carefully pointed and added in to my daily schedule to make sure that I didn’t go over my points.  What that means is that:

  1. I chose to add something I wanted for breakfast in the morning that was a little heavier on points than usual
  2. I then modified my food choices throughout the rest of the day to ensure that I didn’t eat too much for the day.

That’s proper grown up and sensible that is! 🙂

The lunch offerings were many and varied.  There were a few relatively healthy offerings surrounded by many relatively unhealthy offerings, in front of which a large queue of people waited their turn.  There was also a salad bar with no queue whatsoever.   I wasn’t going to mention the queue, as that will make it sound as if my choice was made for reasons other than genuine desire, but it was there and I don’t want to lie to you.  I wanted the salad bar.  No ifs or buts.  Each day I had a thorough look at all of the things on offer and chose a few slices of cold meats and salad.  Fruit for pudding too.  Instead of cheesecake.  I feel very strange at times…

The one thing I’ve got to be very aware of is that as the week went on I started to be less fastidious about how I was pointing my food.  I was trying to convince myself to leave things off, and if there were choices between two types of the food that I’d eaten, I was choosing the lower pointed one every time.  Kind of choosing the point values to fit what I had left rather than choosing those that accurately represented what I’d eaten.  Crazy, but very, very easy to slip in to that mindset.  I didn’t even notice that I was doing it for a couple of days.

Unchecked, I can see where that one ends up – you eat more points than you’re recording, you either stay the same or put on a pound or two for a few weeks, and your motivation starts to slide.  Dangerous, and yet another reminder of how easy it would be to slip back towards old eating habits.

Anyway, I’m chuffed to bits with this at the moment.  I’m setting a new target which will be to lose 15% of my starting weight, which will take me from the 16st 4lb man that I am today to the 15st 8lb man that I want to be next.  From here, the arrival of 15st something man does not seem to far away, and bearing in mind that 12 weeks ago I was 18st 4lb, that feels like quite an achievement.

May the shrinking continue!

The Shrinking Man

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