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Three – is the magic number…

I always make a point of not preparing for this blog.  I hope that doesn’t make you, dear reader, feel unimportant at all, but it’s genuinely true – every Sunday morning I jump on the scales and then dive on here to let you know how I’m feeling as a result.  I’ve always figured that to plan and prepare this wouldn’t give an honest reflection of what this is really feeling like, and I think it’s important that I get the reality down on paper.  The glossy sheen that falls over everything after even a little time tends to soften the edges, and it’s in the immediate reactions to events that the learning experiences can often be found.

The reason I’m highlighting this today is that throughout this week, I’ve been preparing what I was going to write to you, and I wanted to apologise.  It has not been a good week.  Genuinely, honestly it hasn’t.  Woeful in fact.  I’ve felt unmotivated.  I’ve eaten rubbish food.  And a lot of it.  Fish and Chips.  Chinese Takeaway.  KFC.  I’ve comfortably gone over my daily, weekly and exercise points.  I’d managed to eat 39 of my 49 “emergency just in case” weekly points by the end of Monday. I’ve exercised less than I have done in the last month or so as well.  This pretty much set the scene for the week, and hopefully explains why I’ve had a little more time to think about how to document it.

And then I get on the scales.


Having been relatively dedicated and only just managed to lose a pound in each of the last few weeks, I really, honestly was not expecting that.  I’m giggling a little bit too.  Giggling is good and is officially my word of the week – feel free to use it (and of course do it) wherever you like!

It could be a totally freak reading of course, although I’ve taken three different readings this morning just to make sure.  In reality, I think this is probably a really useful example of why any single week’s results really shouldn’t ever be taken in isolation.  Neither last week’s -1 or this week’s -3 actually mean much, but the trend is the important thing – that means everything.

That tells me a number of really important things:

  • I’ve dropped 11lbs since Christmas
  • That means that I’m now finally below my pre-Christmas weight!
  • I’ve now lost 49lbs since the start of this journey
  • My BMI is now under 29
  • I’m now just a couple of pounds away from having dropped 20% of my starting weight

I’ve struggled psychologically with the whole ‘Christmas weight’ thing, and have been questioning whether this WW thing is still ‘working’ for me over the past week.  It seems odd that I can be questioning it when I’d lost 8lb in the previous four weeks, but that didn’t feel like ‘real’ weight.  That was Christmas weight, and somehow didn’t count.  There’s a big lesson in this I think, and that’s that I need to ignore whatever happened in the previous week, WHETHER IT’S GOOD OR BAD!  That weight gain over Christmas has been preying on my mind ever since, and in reality I should have ignored it and just carried on.  Weight gain is weight gain, and there is no point pretending that certain types of weight are different to others – at the start of every week you are a certain weight.  End of.  Fact.  No debate.

Does that make any sense?

The bottom line for me is that I’m still doing well.  I’m certainly making slower progress overall than I have in the past, but that’s life and stuff like that happens.  Well it does if you eat like I did over Christmas anyway ;-).  In reality what I’ve proved to myself over the past month is this:

  • I’ve proved to myself that by going back to what I know works, which is eating sensibly, exercising and tracking what I’m eating so I’m fully in control, then I can retain control over my weight
  • I’ve also proved that even when I start to let things go a little, I’m not letting myself go in the same way that I would have done before I started this (Christmas excepted of course;-) ).  Even the fast food I’ve eaten has actually been chosen quite carefully and pointed well
  • It’s very easy to be unrealistically negative
  • It’s also very easy to be unrealistically positive (if I don’t knuckle down and get a bit more control this week, then I’ll be moaning and complaining about a gain next week)

That’s a good thing, and I’m pleased.  I’ve got a difficult couple of weeks ahead, as I’ll be in hotels for a fair part of it, so will have less control over what’s on my plate than usual.  We’ll see how it goes I guess.

Have a good week.

The Shrinking Man

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