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The Next Goals

Three times in one week?  It’s like we’ve just started seeing each other!

It was a genuinely positive experience recently when I rediscovered the goals I set myself back in July last year (see and realised that I’d already hit most of them.

On that basis, and in the renewed excitement of being part of an official challenge, it seemed like a sensible idea to try and come up with some more.  So I have.  It was much harder to come up with than it was last time, as I’ve already done lots of the standard things, but I’ve come up with a list of weight-related goals and a list of non-weight-related goals to help me through the next 27lbs:

Non-Weight Goals

  • To need to get my watch adjusted again
  • To need to get my ring adjusted
  • To fit comfortably into a Medium Fred Perry
  • To fit into the three Ben Sherman Large shirts I’ve got in my wardrobe (they come up very small – honest)
  • To fit comfortably into the 32” jeans that I’ve got in my wardrobe
  • To be able to swim 100 lengths (80 is my limit at the moment)
  • To be able to work out where my waist should be
  • To be able to lie on my back in the bath and be completely underneath the water without having to stay completely still
  • To be able to cycle to Stony Stratford (no idea how far it is, but it’s further than I’ve cycled in at least 25 years)
  • To fit my belly in my trousers rather than over my trousers (aka to actually have a proper waist)
  • To be able to swim 120 lengths
  • To be able to swim 150 lengths
  • To get some nice family photos done

Weight goals

  • To reach 60lb lost (3lb to go)
  • To get under 14st (4lbs to go)
  • To get under the lowest weight I managed to get on the Atkins diet a number of years ago (5lb to go)
  • To have lost 25% of my starting weight (7lb to go)
  • To reach 65lb lost (8lb to go)
  • To get under 13.5st (11lb to go)
  • To have lost 5st (13lb to go)
  • To have lost 75lb (18lb to go)
  • To get under 13st (18lb to go)
  • To have lost 30% of my starting weight (21lb)
  • To be officially classed as not overweight (does that have an actual name?  Normal?) – 22lb to go.
  • To have lost 80lb (23lb to go)
  • To get under 12.5st (25lb to go)
  • To have lost 6st (27lb to go)
  • To have won the challenge (27lb to go)

That should keep me going for a while!

Have a good week.

The Shrinking Man

3 replies on “The Next Goals”

Good luck with those though swimming 150 lengths is ambitious! I regularly swim the equivalent of 100-120 (I assume you swim in a 25m pool, mine is smaller?) but I have only managed 130, which is 2 miles, a couple of times.

‘To be officially classed as not overweight (does that have an actual name? Normal?)’

Yes, it does and it is one of the most important words – healthy!

I think the fact that your weight loss has been consistently steady rather than dramatic (although I’m sure that looking at yourself June 2010 versus June 2011, it will feel dramatic) will ultimately prove to be a very good thing; a very healthy (that word again) approach to dieting.

Well done and wishing you every future success.

Terry – I have a sneaking feeling that I’ll never manage it, particularly considering that I don’t tend to get to the pool more than once a month at the moment! Still, no harm in trying 🙂

Stuart – I like your style! Healthy? I hadn’t considered that as being what it meant, but I reckon you’re right 🙂 Thanks and good luck to you too.


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