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The Craving Cycle

word-lockThree updates in a single day?  I don’t know whether to apologise or start charging.

I’d like to propose something here that seems to me to be quite sensible.  I’ve just had a sandwich, and am craving crisps with it.  I don’t think that’s a ‘normal’ state of affairs, as I’ve eaten sandwiches every day this week and not craved crisps with any of them.  That suggests to me that as a result of some of the stuff I’ve eaten over the past two or there days, my body’s reaction is to crave more of that stuff.  In simple terms, I think I’m craving crisps because my body wants more of the processed crap that I’ve fed it in the last couple of days – KFC, cheesecake, crisps, biscuits, chocolate and so on.

Now my traditional response here is to eat the crisps as a way of dealing with the craving.  Is that stupid?  I think it probably is anyway, but up until now I’ve allowed the cravings to win.  What I hadn’t considered before was that by giving in, I’m feeding the cravings and making them stronger.  Why hadn’t I considered that before? Because I’m a bit of an idiot at times I guess 🙂

What I’m trying to say here is that traditionally if I was craving crisps, I’d eat the crisps because it got rid of the cravings.  Even with all the cumulative downsides that came from eating the crisps, at least eating them dealt with the cravings and brought me peace.  What I’m saying now is that perhaps eating the crisps doesn’t deal with the cravings at all – perhaps eating the crisps causes them.  Just as a cigarette sets up the craving for the next one, so eating the sort of the processed foods that my body is craving sets up the craving for more later on.


That may be obvious to many of you, but that’s just flicked a light-switch on for me.  That puts everything into a very different perspective and challenges my inbuilt response to cravings, which is usually to just give in so they go away.  But they never have done.  They’ve always been there.  But when I stop eating that stuff, they disappear.

I need to think on this for a while, but that’s a fascinating development for me, and I’m really pleased you were here to share it.

Enjoy your week.

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