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That which I have feared greatly…

It’s Sunday morning, the sun is trying to clear away the rain, and I’m sitting at my desk with tears flooding down my cheeks.  I’m aware that this is a rather ridiculous state of affairs, but as usual, this is hot off the press, real life being played out before your very eyes, so you get the truth.

I’ve just done my fifth weigh-in, and I’ve managed to put a pound on.  This was always going to happen at some point, and how I respond to this is going to be absolutely critical in relation to my long-term shrinking plans.  I’m not sure yet how I’m going to respond, and what, if anything, I need to do, but I’m absolutely NOT going to do what every pore in my body is telling me to do right now, which is to give up.

First of all, there are a few reasons why this might have happened:

  • It could just be one of those things – stuff happens sometimes
  • It could be unfortunate timing – a persons’ weight can vary quite a lot over the course of a day.  (I know this to be true, because when I weighed myself at 5am this morning, the scales showed that I’d put on two pounds and not just one 😉 )
  • I know for a fact that I’ve eaten more this week than I have done in previous weeks.  I was deliberately trying to slow down my weight loss, as WW had advised me that I was losing weight a little too fast to be healthy.  To that end, I’d let myself go a little bit more than in previous weeks, but all still within my saved and earned points, so in theory, I should still have managed to lose some weight
  • I might be doing something wrong – I might be miscalculating some points somewhere down the line.  It is difficult to be exact in some cases, and I might have under rather than over-estimated.
  • I might have under-estimated my intake at the two rather sizable blow-outs that I’ve had in the past week, making them outside rather than inside my saved and earned points
  • I might be miscalculating my exercise points.  I’ve marked myself down as doing high intensity activity, which is obviously a little vague as a description.  If in reality I’m calling that wrong, then I’m not earning as many exercise points as I think, and therefore could have gone over my points for the week

I’m actually feeling  a little better already having written that list.  It’s a tough situation, because in the wider scheme of things, I know that weight loss or gain for any individual week means nothing.  But that doesn’t make it feel any easier knowing that I’ve taken a step in the wrong direction this week.

I need to get this clear in my head, because again, this is one of those points where in the past, I would have give in.  I need a name for these points – not sure what to call them.  U-Turn signs?  Something like that.  These are situations where all the signs are telling me to turn round and go back the way I’ve been coming, so that I end up safe and fat.  It’s at situations like this where there doesn’t seem to be any road ahead, but instead of turning round, I need to map out where I want to go and build my own road.  Or something like that ;-).

It’s an interesting situation, because this has happened at a time where I can put my hand on a number of specific potential causes.  This will also happen at times when I can’t do that.  Where I’ve done everything right, I’ve not made any changes, but that I’ve still put a bit of weight on.

Either way, I have to be able to deal with it in the same way, and find the questions to ask myself to make it easy for me to carry on in the right direction.  Right now I think these are the questions to ask:

  • Am I still going in roughly the right direction?  Yes!
  • Do I need to change anything?  I’m not sure this time, but I need to keep a close eye on how I point things and how I assess my exercise points.
  • Can I still be proud of what I’ve achieved?  Absolutely!
  • Am I allowed to be a little upset too?  Yup!
  • Can I use this to help me towards rather than away from my end goal? I think I can.

Anyway, I’ve had a set back, but I’m not going to let it get me down for too long.  It’s something that I can learn from, and I will take the sadness that I’m feeling right now and use it to increase the happiness at the next weigh in.

Have a good day.

The Shrinking Man

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