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Good Evening England, this is Stockholm calling!

Morning all 🙂

I hope you’ve had a delightful week – I certainly have!  I’ve been in Stockholm on business all week, and can safely say that I have never seen a more beautiful city in my life.  We’ve had warm, sunny weather, I’ve spent a week with some great people, and all in all I’ve had a fantastic time.

So what of the weigh-in I hear you ask?  We’ll come to that in a minute 🙂  Let me first of all describe the highlights and lowlights of the week for you – a selection of the highlights first:

  • It’s difficult to describe how great it feels to sit in a seat on a plane and to only feel uncomfortable rather than stuck.  It was still a pretty unpleasant experience, but being able to move around in my seat to try and get comfortable was a new and exciting experience (I’m very easily pleased of course)
  • Being able to do the seatbelt up with loads of extra inches left on the belt was a pleasure I hadn’t considered, along with being able to relax knowing that the stewardess won’t have to try to peer under my belly to see if I’ve got the belt on or not
  • People who I’d not seen since last August being genuinely surprised at how much weight I’d lost felt pretty good as well
  • Being able to wear tight-fitting t-shirts and tops and feel good in them was fantastic.  I know I don’t look amazing just yet, but fantastic will do for now 🙂
  • While I only got to the hotel gym a couple of times, I walked everywhere whenever I could, and have done more exercise this week than I have in months
  • When leaving Sweden, the passport control lady had to check my big fat-faced passport photo four times to check that it was really me – that’s a bit of a result!
  • Lastly, while genuinely struggling to lug my huge suitcase between hotel and airport, to realise that this massive, ungainly 21kg load weighed less than two thirds of the massive, ungainly weight that I’ve already lost felt amazing.

And a selection of the lowlights:

  • It was pretty much impossible to point things during the week.  I tried for the first day, but just couldn’t do it, mainly because a lot of the time I had absolutely no idea what I was eating
  • No fruit was available for breakfast most days, which threw my schedule right out, and meant that my usual zero point breakfast was becoming a five to ten point breakfast.  Fruit was available later in the day, so I tried to make up for it then, but it gave me a difficult start to most days
  • Some of my shirts felt a little tight at times – I’m really not quite at the right size for some of the clothes I’ve brought recently, but I’m getting there
  • Eating a few too many biscuits and cakes throughout the course of the week didn’t feel great
  • Binging a bit on chocolates that they put on the conference desks on the last day certainly wasn’t brilliant
  • Sharing a bag of jelly sweets on the plane on the way back and noticing that I was eating about ten times as much as my colleague was a bit of an eye-opener as well.

So – let’s sum it all up.  No fruit for breakfast, and unable to point for most of the week.  Doesn’t sound promising really.  With all of that in mind, I am absolutely delighted to announce an STS for week 56, and am feeling very proud of myself.  Throughout the week I’ve eaten as sensibly as I could at mealtimes, tried to limit my snacking, stopped eating when I felt full and generally tried to stack the cards in my favour where I could.  And it seems to have worked 🙂

I’m happy.

That’s all for now – have a good week everyone.

The Shrinking Man