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Doesn’t Time Fly etc. April 19th 2015

The Shrinking Man - 19th April 2015Well it’s been a while – how’s the wife etc?  I’ve had an interesting few months since I last posted here, so I thought it was probably about time that I posted here – I know how you worry.

So where should I start?  How about this – I currently weigh somewhere around 17.5 stone, which is about a stone and a half lighter than I was at the end of 2014.  Not earth-shattering in any way, and still much too heavy to be healthy and happy, but progress of sorts.  I actually dropped that weight off at the end of January and have drifted between about 17st 4lb and 17st 12lb ever since then.

I’m back in a low-carb world, and am generally enjoying it.  I’ve done low-carb eating before, and am always amazed by how good it makes me feel – I also end up wondering why I don’t eat this way all the time.  There are good reasons for that though, which I’ll talk about another time perhaps.

When I cut my carb intake down significantly, the cravings that I usually experience each and every day disappear completely.  I can’t begin to describe what that feels like.  Actually I probably can, so I’m going to give it a try 🙂  Imagine that you have a parrot sitting on your shoulder, that continually whispers in your ear, encouraging you to eat.  Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, the parrot is there, reminding you quietly that you should be eating.  Watching telly?  ‘Go to the fridge and get some food’.  Driving the car?  ‘Stop at the garage and get some food’.  Concentrating at work?  ‘Go to the canteen and get some food’.  You get the picture?

Weirdly, I was never actually aware of the parrot until I first tried low carb eating.  I’d lived with the parrot for so long, that I didn’t know he was there – he whispers ever so quietly you see.  He was as much a part of me as the shoulder that he sat on.  It was only when he disappeared that I realised he’d ever existed.

So when I cut back on carbs significantly, I genuinely don’t think about food.  I have to remind myself to eat at times, as it’s just not on my mind, and that makes it much easier to lose weight.

I have no idea whether everyone has a parrot, but I’d bet significant amounts of cash that most overweight people do.  Anyway, I can’t ever really know about them, but I can say for sure that I have a parrot.  When I feed him carbs, he encourages me to eat more carbs.  He does it very, very subtly, and unless I’m really listening hard, I can’t hear him consciously.  But my subconscious mind hears him perfectly, and eat I do.

The trouble is that eating very low-carb isn’t something that I find very easy to sustain.  All of the foods that I would consider to be my favourites are laden with carbs, and that makes it a significant sacrifice to cut them all out.  No more crisps, wine gums, midget gems (oh those midget gems 😉 ), biscuits, pizza and so on?

So what happens is that I’ll just have a little bit of something that I fancy – a pack of crisps at the weekend, or a couple of biscuits late at night – that’s not exactly going to kill me is it?  And that’s where this starts to get interesting, because that’s where the parrot starts whispering again.  BUT I CAN’T HEAR HIM!

I’ve been experimenting with what it feels like when the parrot starts again, and I’m learning lots.  I can tell you that it doesn’t last for long, unless you do what it says.  If you give in, then before you know it you’re back in the crazy world of out of control eating.  If you eat something carb-free or low-carb as soon as you notice he’s back, then it tends to shut the parrot up, but he will keep coming back for a few days until you’ve got the stuff out of your system.

There’s a whole lot more to write about this, but that’ll do for now – I’m tired and want to sleep.  The parrot wants crisps too, but he’s getting nothing tonight.

More soon.

The Shrinking Man