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Week 47 weigh-in has been completed, and I’m relieved to only report a +2.  It’s disappointing in some ways, because that’s only the second time that I’ve gained two weeks in a row since starting this, and the other one was the period that we don’t talk about called Christmas.  In reality though, I’ve not eaten well this week, so it could have been much worse.

It’s time to take stock a little bit, as it feels like I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment.  I promised last week that I wouldn’t indulge in any self-flagellation over Easter, so I’ll need to be careful how I word this, but it’s safe to say that the week didn’t start well.  Delighted as I was to receive a gorgeous Hotel Chocolat £25 Easter egg, I ate the whole thing in two days, which did make the whole WW points thing a little bit of a challenge for the rest of the week.  The egg itself equated to about 60 points, which is about a day and a half’s worth of normal eating.  I enjoyed it, although I definitely ate it too quickly – I do not seem to have a “let’s just have a little bit” mode for situations like this at the moment.  The positive thing was that on both days when I ate the egg, I felt unpleasantly full afterwards, which I think is a good sign, as I don’t think I would have noticed anything this time last year.

I think perhaps the speed at which I eat generally is something that I need to look at, as by the time I’ve noticed that I’m feeling full, I’m already really stuffed because of the pace of it all.  There’s something to play with there I think…

What I need to come to terms with properly is that things like Easter indulgences are fine – they just need to be factored in, and it’s the factoring them in that I need to get better at.  In general I didn’t respond too badly too it – I’ve upped the exercise and swum three times this week, which was the right thing to do.  There were other areas where I didn’t do as well.  I sat and watched a film with my Wife on Easter Sunday and managed to devour three quarters of a large bag of toffee popcorn.  That’s not good.  Well it was, but you know what I mean.  I’ve also snacked when I wasn’t hungry, even though I was up against it in terms of points.

It’s quite difficult to feel satisfied with my general progress at the moment – things are still generally moving in the right direction, but with so many backward and forward steps that it’s so very, very slow.  I’m actually just 8lb lighter than I was before Christmas, and it really feels like a bit of a slog at the moment.  If you factor in the 10lb that I put on over Christmas, then I’ve lost 18lb since January, which feels slightly better, but not much.  I still haven’t quite forgiven myself for Christmas I don’t think.

What I appear to be very good at is keeping my weight at between 14 and 14.5 stone, which is probably something to be celebrated, particularly when you consider that a year ago I would have been proving myself to be very good at increasing my weight gradually from 18st 4lb.  It’s less of a cause for celebration when you want to keep on shrinking though.  Part of me is thinking that perhaps I’ve reached my ideal weight already, and that I’m destined to be this lumpy sort of guy forever.  Most of me knows that’s complete rubbish though, so I’m not paying attention to me on that 😉

The bottom line is this – if I keep doing what I’m doing now, then I’ll continue to get smaller for a fair while longer.  It might be slow, but it IS still going in the right direction, and that’s really all that’s important here.  I guess I’m starting to come up against the ‘real-life’ stuff that will happen when I get to whatever weight I decide that I want to be in the end – how I eat will determine what weight I end up at.  Nothing more complicated than that.

The big lessons for me this week are that:

  1. I need to pay more attention while I’m eating, and eat slower
  2. I need to make better decisions after something like an Easter blow-out

That’s all.

Have a good week.

The Shrinking Man.

The Shrinking Blog

I’ve always liked the number 42…

Morning 🙂

Dear reader, this is a significant moment for me.  Week 42’s weigh-in has just been completed, and I am thrilled and delighted to announce that I tipped the scales at 14st 4lb/200lb/90.9kg.  That means that in the 42 weeks since that spur of the moment decision to do something about my weight back in early June 2010, I have now managed to lose a grand total of FOUR STONE!  That’s 56lbs!  Or 25.49Kg!  Whichever way you look at it, that’s a lot of weight, and as I type this, I’m grinning like, like…, well to be honest I think I’m probably grinning like a man who’s lost four stone would grin 🙂

The higher the numbers go, the harder it gets to visualise them and to work out what that 56lb really means, so I hope you’ll forgive me for a moment if I give you some comparisons.

  • First of all, go and get a bag of sugar out of the cupboard.  Feel its weight in your hands.  Then get another 27 bags and balance them on top of the first one.  Now walk around for a bit.  I’ll admit that my weight was probably a little better distributed than you’re holding right now, but that is how much weight I’ve lost.
  • For an alternative, take three bags of sugar and hold them in your hands.  Feel their weight.  Now balance those bags of sugar on the head of a small dalmatian, pick dog and sugar up and walk around for a bit.  I’m guessing that the balancing is even more difficult than before, unless you’ve got a specially trained dalmatian, and there aren’t many of those around.
  • One last one (honestly 😉 ) – take the three bags of sugar and feel their weight in your hands.  Now stick the three bags of sugar in the pockets of a seven year old boy.  Pick boy and sugar up and walk around for a bit.  Apologise to child and continue with blog…

Does that help you to picture what 56lb represents?

Just to continue the self-congratulation for a while (feel free to jump to the end if you haven’t come here to join in the celebrations) my physical dimensions have changed over the past 42 weeks too.  The dreaded tape measure has been out too this morning, and I have managed to lose:

  • 5cm from my neck
  • 14cm from my chest
  • 4cm from my calves
  • 20cm from my waist
  • 6cm from my upper arms
  • 2cm from my thighs

I have absolutely no idea why the WW tracker asks for measurements in cm when I’m tracking weight in lbs, but it does, and I’ve never bothered to convert them, so if cm don’t make sense, then feel free to convert.  And send them to me once you’ve done that.  Thanks.

So what happens next I hear you ask?

Well there are some very significant targets looming, so I’ve still got a lot to aim for:

  • One more pound and I’ll be under 200lb
  • Four more pounds after that and I’ll be under 14st
  • Three more pounds after that and I’ll have lost 25% of my starting weight
  • One more pound after that and I’ll be under the lowest weight I’ve been in more than 20 years
  • Three more pounds after that and I’ll be 13.5 stone
  • Three more pounds after that and I’ll have lost 5 stone

Every one of those targets excites and inspires me, and every one of them is achievable.  It will take me a while to get down to the bottom go that list, but you know what?  I think I’m going to enjoy getting there!

Have a great week.

The Shrinking Man