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Something tells me my lucky number’s gon-na be thirty-four

Happy Easter!

I hope you’ve all had a good week, and that you are currently staring at a huge pile of chocolate and cursing your family for their lack of understanding and consideration.  Mine aren’t up yet, but I’m certainly hoping they’ve followed instructions and bought me loads of really top quality chocolate – it’s not as if this happens every year is it?  It’s only right to take advantage…

Week 46 weigh-in completed, and a +1.  Yada yada etc.  I think it’s probably a good thing that I’m not bothered by that in the slightest, whereas a few months ago I’d have been rendered fairly distraught by such an outcome.  To be honest, following on from a -4 last week, I’m quite impressed that’s all it is.  I always struggle to remain motivated after a very good week, and this week has been no exception – over daily points, over weekly points and no exercise points earned = weight gain.

Anyway, enough of that, what’s done is done etc.  I have more important things that I wish to share with you!

I went clothes shopping last Sunday with my ever-supportive wife.  I wanted to try on some smaller jeans, as the ones I’m wearing are so baggy round the bum that I look like I could fit huge quantities of contraband in there.  When I started this journey, I was wearing 40″ waist jeans and the ones that are currently baggy have a 36″ waist, so I’m already making significant progress, but I wanted to try a 34″ to see whether they fitted.  My wife told me that I’d still need a 36″, as they’d just stretched out a lot and lost their shape, partly because she knows how upsetting it can be for me when I can’t get in to clothes, but partly because I think she struggles sometimes to see how much weight I’ve lost.

Anyway, she helped me pick out a couple of pairs of 36″ in a different fit that she thought would fit me better, against her advice I picked out a 34″ and off I went to the fitting room.

Oh yes!

The 34″ fitted just fine and all is well in my world!  I should add that there’s still a fair bit of belly that sits above the waistband, but that’s always been the case, anyway, I was/am absolutely chuffed to bits!  I decided to chance my arm a bit and popped down to Gap to pick up a couple of tops to go with my new pairs of jeans.  Now when I started this, I couldn’t fit into Gap’s largest sizes, and was really pleased when I’d lost enough to get into their XL tops.  This time I bought a couple of L tops.  And if anything they’re a bit big!!!!!!

The hot weather meant that shorts were on the agenda too, and on my wife’s advice, I picked up a pair of shorts from Gap with a 36″ waist, as “they often come up smaller, particularly at Gap”.  Got them home, tried them on and they’re massive.  Way too big for me.  They’ve now been swapped for a 34″, and I’m starting to consider not taking Wife shopping any more.  Except that being a man in my forties I have no idea how to dress myself, so need her for guidance purposes too.  Actually, I was rather happy to prove her wrong.  Twice.

Just to lower the tone slightly, I then went off to Next and bought some new pants!  And they have an M on them!  Not M for Monday – they’re not those sort of pants.  M for Medium!  From XL to M – a journey in pants, by The Shrinking Man.  That’s the name of the TV documentary right there…

Anyway, it’s been a great week – so great that a +1 can’t dampen my enthusiasm.  It being Easter, I’ll probably blow it big time this week, but if I do, then I hereby make this pledge, both to you and to myself:

“I, The Shrinking Man, being of occasionally sound mind, and being the possessor of pants with an M on the label, do hereby solemnly declare that should I over-indulge over the Easter break, I will make every effort to enjoy it.  I will not wallow in guilt or self-pity, but will instead savour every minute of it, accept it for the treat that it is, and once it’s done, I will get back on to my Shrinking horse and carry on Shrinking.”

Have a great week.

The Shrinking Man.

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