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I’ve left this blog dormant for some time now – almost four years to be precise – but have found myself thinking more and more about it over recent weeks, and on that basis, I intend to add to it more frequently.  Having said that, I never intended to let it go dormant in the first place, so what do I know.

Anyway, just to recap over the last four years, I’d sum it up like this:

  • My weight has varied between about 18st 1lb and 20st 13lbs
  • I’ve read loads
  • I’ve learnt lots
  • I’ve had periods where I’d decided that I would never try to lose weight again
  • I’ve had periods where I’ve believed that this time I’ve finally cracked it
  • I’ve had periods of genuine despair
  • I’ve changed career
  • I’ve had a breakdown
  • I’ve had some glorious times

Other than that, I’ve not been up to much really – how about you?

I intend to write about most of those points in the future, but for now, I wanted to just give a summary of sorts of where I’m restarting from.  I’m in a really good place right now – fragile in many ways – but generally pretty good.  I’m currently in what I would call a relatively slow shrinking phase – I’ve dropped off just over three stone in the seven months since Christmas, and while it has felt painfully slow at times, I’d argue that I’ve been pretty much in control throughout that period.

I’ve settled into a low-carb world since the start of the year, and once again I find myself genuinely wondering why I ever stepped away from it. I remember this from previous stints, and it worries me – I enjoy this way of eating and it is very effective in terms of weight loss, so I don’t know why I would feel the need to stop it, That makes it difficult to know how I could prepare myself to counter it should it arrive again.

Part of the reason I wanted to start writing this blog again is that I have so much in my head that I need to try and make sense of it, and writing it down has been really helpful in the past. When you’re dealing with something that flies in the face of accepted norms, even when there is so much evidence to counter that acceptance, it’s difficult to have sensible conversations.

Most people haven’t been where I am, and it is my experience that most people think they understand my situation a whole lot better than they really do. All those annoyingly thin people who know how easy it is to be thin – all those who’ve lost a couple of pounds and therefore know how to lose a whole lot more – they really, really can’t help me. I need to understand this.

I’m not entirely sure where to start with everything I’ve got going round my head, so will leave it there for now – more soon.

The Shrinking Man

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