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Picking Myself Back Up Again

Having hit rock bottom recently, something had to change.

Devoid of inspiration, and nervously aware that it flies in the face of all of the informative, if depressing, things about longer-term weight gain that I’ve read, I’ve come to some conclusions:

  1. I have to address my longer-term eating issues if I’m to remain at a sensible weight
  2. My current weight has such a negative impact on my general well-being and ease of self-worth that I’m struggling to deal with the longer-term issues while at my current weight
  3. So I need to lose some weight first, and then try to tackle the longer-term issues from a ‘better’ place

On that basis, I’ve started a low-carb eating approach and will see how that works out.  It’s been 18 months or so since I’ve dabbled with low-carb, and perhaps five or six years since I’ve approached it with any consistency, so I’m having to re-learn a lot of things.

My basic approach is to restrict my carb intake to the good stuff – salad and veg and to enjoy the protein and fat that will make up the bulk of my food.  I’m not going to be too anal about it, but it does take a bit of planning and general awareness to keep my head in it.  So far so good though – four or five pounds off in the first week, so that’s ok.

I’d forgotten how quickly the general cravings disappear, which is a pleasant surprise.  I’d also forgotten how quickly it gets really boring just picking at meat and that I need to put some thought into it to keep me motivated.  I’d forgotten about the nighttime leg cramps if you don’t get enough carbs – rest assured I’ll be trying my best to avoid them in the future.  Ouch.

It’s very easy to drift back into mindless eating, which I was surprised to notice myself doing, which suggests that I’ve made some progress in that area generally.  I’m trying not to get too het up about any of it right now, but over time that’s still a massive one to tick off.  I’m also back on the diet coke, and it’s easy to get back to binge levels on that, so I’m looking to moderate with water and other drinks.

In summary, I’m feeling a little better, in that I’m exercising a little control, and feeling like I’m doing ok.  Watch this space.

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