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One of ‘those’ conversations…

Just a quick update today – I mentioned this in a previous post, but it’s happened again, and I’m not sure if I should even be paying attention to it, but it really bugs me at the moment.

During a facebook conversation with someone who’s become a pretty good friend recently, we were chatting about the gym, as we both go to the same one.  We were discussing what we were doing there, and what we were trying to achieve, and she said that she was “in EXACTLY the same place” as me (her capitalisation, not mine).  Now she might feel that she’s got to lose a bit of weight, but we’re talking about a few pounds here, or perhaps a stone or so.  She’s at least 15 years younger than me, she’s fit and healthy.



This is quite difficult, because I’m not looking for sympathy, or understanding, but what I’ve got to deal with is not the same as what she has to deal with.  She’s fine tuning, and I’m rebuilding.  Or some other equally crap analogy.  Perhaps just recognition of the task ahead of me would be something.

I’m feeling sorry for myself aren’t I? lol.

I probably need to let this go, and quickly, but right now, that bugs me sooooooo much.

That’s all.

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3 replies on “One of ‘those’ conversations…”

I can understand your frustration by what you’re saying.
Possibly, dont shoot me for saying this, this person that you’re talking about feels that they can relate to you and whilst they cant fully understand or be going through the exact same thing as you, nobody is the same, they may just feel that you are hitting on points in conversation that she gets a lighbulb moment. If that makes sense?
Dont be disheartened at the comment, you are obviously engaging them enough for them to think, jeez that guy speaks sense and i can relate to that! 🙂
(im just being devils advocate) You are very different from each other and have seperate journeys but there might be a positive you can take from it.
I like reading your blog etc and whilst i dont know exactly what you’re going through, i continue to read because i can understand the difficulty of trying to lose weight and stay healthy.
Take care and keep writing x

Hi SJ,

Thanks very much for commenting – you’re absolutely right here 🙂

One of the perils of writing from the heart, and in the moment, is that you get to write things that you might regret a little while later, and that post certainly fits into that category. I’m pleased I wrote it, because it represents exactly what I felt a the time, but I’m just not all that pleased I thought it, because that then meant that I had to write it!

Anyway, thanks ever so much for reading and for taking the time to comment. I’m about to weigh myself in an hour or so before I head off on holiday for a week, so it’s going to be a lovely week I’m sure.

The Shrinking Man

You’re absolutely right. Thats the beauty of blogs and why i love them so much because its the naked truth. Me commenting wasnt to make you feel bad or that you shouldnt have said or thought it, i hope it didnt come across like that, like you said, its your personal feelings and those matter a lot. I liked the post, keep living in the moment with no regrets! especially about your blog, its the core of you like a diary so let it all out, rants and all lol.
Have a fantastic holiday!
Oh meant to say, im the one following you on twitter, got your link from the ww community boards.


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