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I’ve always liked the number 42…

Morning 🙂

Dear reader, this is a significant moment for me.  Week 42’s weigh-in has just been completed, and I am thrilled and delighted to announce that I tipped the scales at 14st 4lb/200lb/90.9kg.  That means that in the 42 weeks since that spur of the moment decision to do something about my weight back in early June 2010, I have now managed to lose a grand total of FOUR STONE!  That’s 56lbs!  Or 25.49Kg!  Whichever way you look at it, that’s a lot of weight, and as I type this, I’m grinning like, like…, well to be honest I think I’m probably grinning like a man who’s lost four stone would grin 🙂

The higher the numbers go, the harder it gets to visualise them and to work out what that 56lb really means, so I hope you’ll forgive me for a moment if I give you some comparisons.

  • First of all, go and get a bag of sugar out of the cupboard.  Feel its weight in your hands.  Then get another 27 bags and balance them on top of the first one.  Now walk around for a bit.  I’ll admit that my weight was probably a little better distributed than you’re holding right now, but that is how much weight I’ve lost.
  • For an alternative, take three bags of sugar and hold them in your hands.  Feel their weight.  Now balance those bags of sugar on the head of a small dalmatian, pick dog and sugar up and walk around for a bit.  I’m guessing that the balancing is even more difficult than before, unless you’ve got a specially trained dalmatian, and there aren’t many of those around.
  • One last one (honestly 😉 ) – take the three bags of sugar and feel their weight in your hands.  Now stick the three bags of sugar in the pockets of a seven year old boy.  Pick boy and sugar up and walk around for a bit.  Apologise to child and continue with blog…

Does that help you to picture what 56lb represents?

Just to continue the self-congratulation for a while (feel free to jump to the end if you haven’t come here to join in the celebrations) my physical dimensions have changed over the past 42 weeks too.  The dreaded tape measure has been out too this morning, and I have managed to lose:

  • 5cm from my neck
  • 14cm from my chest
  • 4cm from my calves
  • 20cm from my waist
  • 6cm from my upper arms
  • 2cm from my thighs

I have absolutely no idea why the WW tracker asks for measurements in cm when I’m tracking weight in lbs, but it does, and I’ve never bothered to convert them, so if cm don’t make sense, then feel free to convert.  And send them to me once you’ve done that.  Thanks.

So what happens next I hear you ask?

Well there are some very significant targets looming, so I’ve still got a lot to aim for:

  • One more pound and I’ll be under 200lb
  • Four more pounds after that and I’ll be under 14st
  • Three more pounds after that and I’ll have lost 25% of my starting weight
  • One more pound after that and I’ll be under the lowest weight I’ve been in more than 20 years
  • Three more pounds after that and I’ll be 13.5 stone
  • Three more pounds after that and I’ll have lost 5 stone

Every one of those targets excites and inspires me, and every one of them is achievable.  It will take me a while to get down to the bottom go that list, but you know what?  I think I’m going to enjoy getting there!

Have a great week.

The Shrinking Man

4 replies on “I’ve always liked the number 42…”

5cm from my neck 2 inches
14cm from my chest 5.5
4cm from my calves 1.6
20cm from my waist – 7.87 inches
6cm from my upper arms 2.4 inches
2cm from my thighs about 1 !

Well done and thanks for the inspiration have dropped 2stone in 10 weeks and am hoping for 5 by the end of the year !

Great news. Very well done. Was worried about you a couple of weeks ago!

Here are your approximate conversions
• 5cm from my neck 2“ approx
• 14cm from my chest 5½ “ approx
• 4cm from my calves 1½ “
• 20cm from my waist 7¾ “
• 6cm from my upper arms 2¼”
• 2cm from my thighs ¾”

I am hoping to reach the 3 stone milestone myself this week – just hoping for a 1 and half pound lose this week.

Keep the weight loss & blog up.



Yoss – a belated thanks, but thanks all the same – much appreciated and good luck with yours.


Thanks for the measurements and the good wishes – I was a bit worried myself a few weeks ago, but support like yours genuinely made a difference, so thanks very much.


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