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It’s all in the mind…

The mind games that go on in the confused and muddled head of the fat-bloke are fascinating.  It’s possible that thin-blokes have the same sort of things going on, but it’s so long since I was one of them that I really can’t comment with any accuracy.

One of the cornerstones of the Weight Watchers approach is to record what you eat, and calculate the ‘points’ value for each food item (the points value of a food is arrived at by some super-duper sciencey calculations based on the calorific content and the amount of saturated fat).  That shouldn’t be too tricky really, and Weight Watchers go out of their way to provide simple methods for you to work it all out – I’m following the online version, and all I have to do is type the food in and it will tell me the points.

Would that it were so simple…

There hasn’t been a day so far where I haven’t had to really fight myself to make sure that I record what I eat accurately.  That little voice in my head (the one that we all have in our heads that gives a running commentary on your life – and if you think you haven’t got one of those, then it’s the little voice in your head that just told you that you haven’t got one) says each and every day “you don’t need to write that down”.  If there’s a choice between what I could record something as, then the voice is there, urging me to “choose the lower one”, even if it’s plainly ridiculous.  The same voice is also continually urging me to drop the whole idea, and to “JUST EAT!”

It’s an extremely destructive thought process, and while it’s quite amusing when you write it down, it’s actually quite challenging to live with it all the time.  Now it’s distinctly possible that everyone has that sort of self-destructive dialogue going on internally, and that thin-blokes are just far better at ignoring it.  I guess it’s also possible that for some people, for whatever reason, their brains have become programmed over time to sabotage their attempts to change, and to make improvements.   I think it’s possible that this self-sabotage is actually the real problem behind persistent fat-bloke status.  I know from my own previous experiences that on occasions I would eat fairly large quantities of food that I neither wanted nor enjoyed, particularly when I was trying to lose weight and that’s just insane.

I don’t have any conclusions to make here – just thoughts and ramblings – more soon (sorry;-) )

The Shrinking Man.

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