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Isn’t it strange…

Isn’t it strange that following last weekend’s traumas, I haven’t felt the need to update the blog at all?  Well it’s strange for me anyway – not sure it’s all that important how you feel about it, what with there probably being no-one who is actually reading this anyway 😉  Must do something to publicise this at some point…

That does raise an interesting point actually.  I made a conscious decision to make this an anonymous blog right at the start.  Partly out of the traditional shame and fear that comes with being a fat bloke, but primarily so I could write what I truly thought and felt, without fear of public embarrassment, worrying concerned friends or being concerned about how it would be taken generally.  Over time, the main benefit I get from the anonymous stance is that I can just write.  Dear public, it may come as a terrible shock to you, but what you are reading now, and in every post I’ve made is exactly what I was thinking at the time, put together in exactly the way it first poured out.  This blog isn’t edited for style, content, sense or anything other then general spelling and grammar, so what you see is my best, but also first attempt at describing how I was at the time that I wrote it.

I have told a couple of very close friends that I’m doing this, and even that at times I regret (sorry), just because at times I’ve found myself thinking “**** would find that quite pathetic”.   I’ve fought the temptation to take that into account, and will continue to do my best to be truthful for however long this blog lives.

I’ve set up a facebook page and a twitter account, so please follow me.  Over time I’ll get the blog set up a little better and get it integrating with the other pages a little better, but right now it’s all a bit manual, so sorry for that.

Anyway, if you happen to be discussing diets, weight-loss, fat-blokes or custard with anyone, feel free to point them in this direction:-)

I went out for a birthday meal last night, and made what I thought at the time were sensible choices.  It turns out that they were less sensible than I thought, but I’m not going to get hung up on that too much – I was conscious of what I was eating, and I did all the right things.  It just turns out that my actual subject-matter knowledge was a bit lacking, that’s all, and that will come with time.

That’s made me slightly less (for slightly less read totally less 😉 ) comfortable in the run-up to tomorrow’s weigh-in, but I’m not going to fret about it too much.  I’ve eaten sensibly and healthily for most of this week, and while I know it’s not as good as for all of this week, six days out of seven is pretty good, and the seventh wasn’t all that bad either.

If I lose some weight, then I’ll be happy – ideally I’d like to lose a couple of pounds, which would mean I’m moving in the right direction again after last week’s one pound gain, but even a pound would be great.  In reality, even if I manage to stay the same weight, then that will be a good thing, as I will have stopped last week’s gain turning into a pattern.  Of course all I can really think about is putting weight on, but I don’t really expect that will happen this week.  Not two weeks in a row.  Well if it does, then I’ll know that I probably need to have a good look at everything I’m doing, because that would suggest something isn’t going quite right.


Life goes on, and I’m smiling.

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That would be good!

Yes please! Are there any blokes in your class?

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