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I’m Very Strange

careyHi all,

Just a quick update here to keep you in the loop around what’s happening here in Shrinking Land.

I’ve been coke-free now for more than a month.  That’s rather weird to be totally honest with you, but I’m pleased.  I’ve honestly not missed it since the first week of tough withdrawal symptoms, and while it would be really easy to have some and start the whole cycle off again, I’ve not felt any pressure to do that.

That’s the positive stuff.  The negative stuff is centred around the fact that I can now safely say that diet drinks haven’t been the sole cause of my general fatness.  I do believe that diet drinks have been a contributory factor, but I still have all the same cravings and urges that I’ve come to know and despise so much.  I think I can say with little doubt that those cravings and urges are caused by sweet stuff of all kinds.

I’ve been experimenting with a variety of different drinks, and can report that I’ve drunk too much sugary stuff, and I’ve put on weight again.  The drinks themselves have contributed there, but the cravings and urges that they lead to are probably the main culprit, but the common factor is the sweet drinks.

My liquid intake these days is a mix of stlll water, sparkling water, water mixed with fruit juice, water with Ribena and 7-up.  I can’t remember whether I mentioned this before, but 7-up has no artificial sweeteners in it, so that’s my ‘treat’ drink of choice.  Of course, being me, I don’t tend to have it as a treat, it can very easily become the main drink on any day.

I’m deliberately not worrying about the fact that I’m drinking too much sugary stuff, or that I’m putting on weight.  I’ve just removed Coke, Diet Coke and all forms of artificial sweetener from my diet in one hit, and I need to give myself a bit of a break.  That’s enough for now.

I’ve noticed a couple of really interesting things in the last couple of weeks:

  • I noticed that artificial sweeteners give me headaches.  I went out for a drink with some friends at the weekend and drank orange juice and lemonade, and lime and soda.  It wasn’t possible to confirm, but I believe that the lemonade will have had sweeteners in it, and that will also be true for the lime cordial.  The next day, I had the sort of headache that I used to get if I didn’t have coke for a few days.  It hurt like hell, but didn’t last.
  • I can challenge myself when I’m eating crap stuff.  An example from this very morning – I was in the kitchen and saw a big bag of crisps on the side.  That’s usually enough.  I ignored them, and got on with the day, and I quickly forgot all about them.  Until the next trip to the kitchen.  But I ignored them again, and this time put them in the cupboard so they were out of the way.  I’ve not thought about them since.  A while later, I went to the biscuit tin and grabbed four biscuits.  I ate two really quickly, and then had a brief chat with myself.  I wasn’t hungry, I was eating them too quickly to be enjoying them and I’d hate myself afterwards if I did eat the other two.  So I went and put them back in the tin!  That’s quite a step for me!

I’m really conscious at the moment that I don’t eat like most people.  I’ve never really ‘got’ just how different my eating patterns are to other people, well to the thin people anyway.  Little things.  I had a bag of wine gums in the car the other day, and picked a friend up.  I said help yourself to the wine gums, and he didn’t.  He didn’t want them.  I sat and ate them one after the other until they were pretty much gone.  But he didn’t want even one.  That’s weird.  Not to him obviously.  I presume it’s weird for him to see the fat bloke just stuffing his face that way.

All I’m going to do for now is to relax a bit, try to challenge myself while I’m eating stuff that I don’t really want or need, and start to bring more water into my diet.

Have a good week.

The Shrinking Man

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Hi my friend 🙂

Apologies for the late response – great to here from you. Life is good with the exception of the weight thing ;-). How goes it with you?



All very good here. Sorry to see you are having a few struggles with your weight. I have managed to keep around 4 of my 5 stone off myself 🙂

I have just finished my exams and am now a qualified ACCA which is the result of 6 years hard study. Feels good though.

My little boy continues to develop his golf skills. He’s 8 and his coach has given him a handicap – he beat him for the first time last week. He’s a real talent and I am hoping to get him sponsorship, even though he’s young.

Work’s crazy busy. I am still playing golf myself and having a lot of fun with this weather lol

Keep in touch my friend.


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