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If you’ve ever wondered…

If you’ve ever wondered just who would win in a fight between a badger and a hedgehog, it would be the badger. I have personally witnessed such an event, and it wasn’t a pretty sight, although the hedgehog won the prize for “most noise created by a supporting actor”. I suspect that this wasn’t much of a consolation for him…

If you’ve ever wondered just who would win in a fight between me and my holiday weight, I can proudly announce, exclusively, here this morning, that it would be me!

I’ve just stepped off of the scales for my weekly weigh-in and have somehow managed to lose a grand total of 5lb this week. That’s just mad! It’s also way faster than a medical professional would recommend, but I think at the end of the day, they just like to support the underdog. Or hedgehog. Or something like that.

The important thing here is that by getting back in the driving seat and taking control of my eating again, I’ve managed to shift the extra weight I gained while I was on holiday, and also take off the two pounds I’d have been aiming for anyway.

I’ve found it difficult a few times to stick with it this week – just taking a week’s break had quite an impact when it came to knuckling down again, but I’ve done it, and it paid off.

That’s interesting actually. I think that sentence above shows just how far I still have to go with this. Truly it does. Psychologically, I’ve still got it all wrong in my head. Taking a week’s break suggests that there’s something bad to take a break from. Talking about knuckling down again, suggests that this isn’t something that I really want to do.

It’s not that I need to brainwash myself into thinking that I’m enjoying this. I AM enjoying this! It’s a pain to have to think about what I’m eating some of the time, but is it more of a pain than being an 18st 4lb man again? Honestly, totally, completely 100% NO IT ISN’T! It’s actually been a relief to be back in control again, and physically I feel better when I eat properly. Mentally I feel better when I eat properly.

It’s as if I’ve always missed out an important link when thinking about this stuff. Having to think about what I eat is a pain. But so is being fat. The two are clearly linked, yet when I’m thinking it’s a chore to think about what I eat, I’m not including the “staying fat” part of the argument when I weigh it all up. When you weigh up the sides of the argument properly, you get this:

  • In the Blue Corner – thinking about what you eat, and getting slimmer, being and feeling healthier, and generally feeling pretty damn good about yourself.
  • In the Red Corner – not thinking about what you eat, getting fatter, being and feeling unhealthier, and generally feeling pretty damn awful about yourself.

When you look at it like that, there really isn’t much of a battle to be had. Stick me in the blue corner, and watch me shrink!

That’s all for now.

The Shrinking Man

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