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I need to get me some goals…

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I’m not sure what my end-goal needs to be, and that I’m pretty certain that I don’t even want to think about something that far off right now.  That’s still true, but I need to think of some interesting goals along the way, as they might be really helpful in terms of keeping me focused and motivated.

This was triggered by one of the guys on the WW message board announcing proudly that he was no longer obese, and was officially just overweight.  I laughed, but I knew just how good that must feel, so that’ s certainly going to be one of my goals.  But what else could I go for?  The standard WW ones are related to percentages of your body weight – my initial target was to lose 5% of my starting weight.  Once I’d hit that one (which seems like ages ago, but was probably only three weeks or so) I reset my target to 10% of my starting weight, so I’m currently aiming for 16st 6lb, but I like the idea of having some less serious goals as well.

There was another thing that happened this week which really gave me a boost, and it was quite unexpected.  I could do my jacket up.  Now I wasn’t cold, and it wasn’t raining, but I tried to do a jacket up, that I’m not sure that I can ever remember being able to do up.  And I could.  That was a great feeling, and it even got a beaming smile from Mrs TSM too!

If I can identify things like that before they happen, then it will be really quite cool to tick them off as they happen.  Some of these can be short term and some can be long term I guess.  Current thoughts are:

  1. To become overweight! (rather than obese, but I like it without the qualification)
  2. To have to buy some new jeans because the ones I’m wearing are now too big
  3. To buy an item of clothing to wear on the top half of my body that has an L on the label but not an X or two
  4. To have someone who hasn’t seen me for a while notice that I’ve lost weight
  5. To have someone who sees me all the time notice that I’ve lost weight
  6. To buy an item of clothing to wear on the top half of my body that has an M on the label
  7. To need to redo the photo on my business card because it doesn’t look like me anymore
  8. To walk into a room and to not be surprised that I’m not the fattest person in the room
  9. To get my haircut and notice that my chins have gone (they’ve already diminished somewhat)
  10. To fit into one of the suits that I moved up to the loft
  11. To fit into the jacket I bought when I was much skinnier
  12. To buy a polo neck that fits and makes me feel good
  13. To need to buy smaller Fred Perrys to replace the ones I bought six months ago
  14. To need to replace all of my work shirts as they’re too big for me
  15. To hear someone describe me as “that bloke who lost all the weight”
  16. To need to get my watch adjusted because it’s too loose
  17. To need to get my silver Arabic ring adjusted because it’s too loose

I’m not sure how many of these I’ll actually keep in the list, but they’re definitely the sort of thing I want to be working towards, so it will do for starters.

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Loving the targets they are great. We went out on the bike yesterday – I brought my leather bike trousers when I had got to target the last time – or maybe the time before !!!! Have to say it is has been somewhat of a challenge to get into them the few times I have been on the bike recently and even more uncomfortable to sit in them (and I know that for a long time I used the excuse of “oh we are not going far I will wear jeans” as I KNEW the would not fit)….yesterday they were positiviely baggy !!! now they are leather so no doubt I have stretched them but they were lose it was fantastic so a good milestone.

We are off on hols in 3 weeks and last year I packed a load of dresses without checking that they still fit and ….they did not…so that sat in the suitcase for two weeks – gonna give it another week or so and then try on my favourite and the main offending item – cant wait

and finally – i have a pair of very expensive white trousers that were my Trinny and Susanna buy when I was back at size 12 – they have not touched me for years so they will then be my final goal I know exactcly where they are at the back of my wardrobe taunting me so bring it on

have a fab holiday and see you soon and yes – i am sure I will notice lol x

Really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work. I’m about 3 weeks into ww and started off a similar weight to you, so always interested in tracking your progress, and I can identify with lots of your points – espdecially about fitting into clothes starting with an L and celebrating being overweight! good luck, hope it stays off. Alex

Hi Alex,

Great to hear you enjoy the blog – thanks for letting me know.

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