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Give me a B! Give me an M! Give me an I!


Three letters that are guaranteed to strike a mixture of fear, confusion and amusement into the heart of any fat bloke.

For the uninitiated amongst you, these letters mean very different things depending on who it is that’s using them.  In the hands of the medical profession, these letters are used to determine whether fat blokes are simply overweight or whether they’re obese.  Or seriously obese.  Or dramatically, uproariously obese!  In the hands of a fat bloke however, these letters have a multitude of uses.  They get used by every fat bloke to:

  • Beat themselves up
  • Make themselves feel truly wretched
  • Generally make it clear that any idea of them one day not being overweight is so distant and unreachable that it can officially be regarded as “something that could only ever happen to someone else”

Anyway, I just wanted to highlight the progress that I’ve made so far in the BMI stakes.  I started at a BMI of 35.7, which is officially classed on the motivational BMI scale as being “as good as dead”.  So far, the 25lb that I’ve lost has dropped my BMI to 32.2, which is officially classed as being “might just make it”.  Which is actually quite pleasing 🙂

There are a couple of BMI related milestones that I’m adding in to my goals.  I’m currently 231lb, and when I get down to 214lb, I will officially be overweight!  Rather than obese!  I will have to celebrate this in some wonderfully apt and interesting way when the time comes, even though right now it still seems a long way away.  The other major BMI milestone for me is 178lb, which is the point at which I will officially no longer be overweight.  Or obese.

Both of these will be quite wonderful when they come about.

The Shrinking Man

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