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Another Week, Another 16ozs

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a good week and that you’re enjoying the cold/sun/snow/rain (delete as applicable)

Week 44 weigh-in completed, and another pound off.  I’m obviously pleased that it’s all still moving in the right direction, but the spectre of that gain over Christmas is still haunting me.  I’m still a couple of pounds heavier than I was before Christmas, and that’s hurting my pride quite a bit.  In fact I’m the same weight as I was at the beginning of December, so that’s a grand total of zero progress in about two months.

It’s situations like this where perspective is really important I guess, and where the ability to look beneath the surface is vital to keep things on track.  If this were a tabloid newspaper, the headlines would be screaming:

“Shrinking Man Not Shrinking – It’s Official!”

If this were a broadsheet, then hopefully it would say something more like this:

“The Shrinking Man has lost weight consistently for the last four weeks, and has managed to shift 80% of the weight gained during the Christmas excesses.  This is a vital part of the shrinking process, as real-life WILL get in the way of the best laid plans from time to time, and events such as Christmas can always lead to weight gain.  It’s important to see things like that as real-life, and not just some sort of weird aberration – stuff happens.  That it happens isn’t so important, but what is key is developing the ability to deal with that.  While TSM may be slightly disheartened that it’s taking so long to shift that weight, he’s still going at it, and is determined to keep going, as he wants to shrink.”

Back to 15st dead this week – next week we revisit the delights of the 14st something man once more, and this time it will be for good.

Have a great week.

The Shrinking Man

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A pound is a pound and it’s a pound in the right direction. I lost 2lb the previous week and this week put half a pound on! Reason – had a good (or should I say bad) night out on Wednesday with a Chinese buffet where we all got our money’s worth. Stay positive and all will be good. I am hoping to become 16 stone something next weekend. I have struggled to get this weight as I wanted to reach it before Christmas. On the run up to Christmas I stayed the same for a couple of weeks. Good luck with 14 something.

Hi Dave,

I seem to remember my first gain was due to a Chinese buffet, but what a Chinese buffet it was! Well worth every extra ounce 😉

Good luck with the 16st something!


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