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And the results from the Week 43 Jury are…

Morning all!

Week 43 weigh-in just completed, and it’s an STS (that’s a Stayed The Same for those new to the jargon.)

It’s been a bit of a nothing week in lots of different ways, so I’m not surprised or disappointed that I’ve not lost anything.  If I go back over my progress, whenever I hit a major goal it tends to be followed by a few sluggish weeks, so following on from last week’s achievement of the 4st target, then I was expecting this sort of week.

I’ve not gone mad or anything this week, I just haven’t been quite as fastidious at times than I otherwise would have been, and therefore I’ve not lost anything.  The one thing I did manage was a trip to the gym, which has been something I’ve not got around to for a month or so.  It sounds a bit silly to blame a lack of exercise on just being too busy, but right now that’s a pretty accurate estimate of what’s happened.  For a number of extremely dull reasons I’ve ended up with a huge workload for the next couple of months, which means that time is the one thing I don’t seem to have much of, so trips to the gym are a luxury that I’m struggling to fit in, which is a shame, as I really do love my swimming.  Anyway, that will all work its way out soon I’m sure.

I’m going to leave it at that for this week – a bland sort of week, with a bland sort of outcome.  Better than a gain though, so am relaxed and happy with it.

Have a great week.

The Shrinking Man.

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Thanks again for an interesting blog, mate. You and I have had different weight-loss recently (being on holidays has meant my weight has gone down then up then down again) but guess what – we are still the same weight.

I just wanted to add another goal for you – 14 st 2 lbs is 89.9 kgs. So, in another 2 lbs you (and I) will be under 90 kgs. That’s the first time for me in 10 years!

Don’t worry about a STS. We all have them, and next week no doubt you’ll have a good loss. Congrats on the 4 stone loss, that’s A LOT of weight! Cheers, Reg


I stumbled across your blog yesterday via the ww message board. I have found it very inspirational.

First of all congrats on what you have achieved, you (and your family) must be really chuffed and quite rightly too!

Secondly, thank you for helping to inspire me to lose weight. Unlike you when you started I am currently only obese/very obese for my height (15 stone 7lbs and 5ft 10) and need to shift 3 stone to become classified as “normal weight”. Now I’m a big, strong ex front row rugby player and I will be ecstatic just to get down to 14 stone, (I don’t think I’ve been 12 and a half stone since my early teens) So that (14 stone)is my goal for the mo. When (not if!) I get there I will set another goal.

I will bookmark your blog and continue to read it for inspiration.

Thank you once again and keep up the good work,


Cheers for the update – there is some weird synchronicity going on between us here 🙂

Thanks for the heads up on the 90kg as well.


Hi Gareth,

Thanks very much for your comments, and well done on your achievements so far – writing the blog helps me as it is, but it really is great to hear that it helps other people too.

Good luck with it all.


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