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A drum roll please Ladies and Gentlemen…

I’ve just had a brief discussion with my wife about the best way to represent a drum roll in type.  We haven’t a clue.  So please do me a favour and imagine a drum roll in your head for the next 30 seconds or so.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce (keep the drum roll going) that for the first time in many years, I am, officially…[pause for dramatic effect].


Now I know for the majority of people that may not seem like all that much to celebrate, but I promise you, for a fat-bloke this is a fairly immense moment.  The underlying truth of reaching overweight status is that I am no longer obese.  And that’s official!  There’s a little shame-filled section of my self-image that no longer has a home.  I am no longer an embarrassment to my health service and my country.  At least not for that reason anyway…

Being overweight is great isn’t it?  I’m fairly certain that if I had any friends, we’d be down the gym right now, swapping overweight jokes and starting to feel, just for a moment, that they’re now meant for other people and not for us.  Sadly, I’m an anonymous fictional construct, made up by a frustrated fat-bloke in an attempt to allow himself the freedom to post truly openly whilst on this journey, so friends are out of the question.  I’m popular in real life.  Honest 🙂

It’s been a very odd week.  Weight Watchers introduced their new system on Monday, and it’s possibly the worst organised launch of a new product that I’ve ever seen.  Which is nice.  The principles seem to be fairly straightforward.  I’m reading between the lines here, because the information they’ve given is so sparse, but it goes something like this:

  • The old system worked out the points value of every food by calculating the amount of calories and the amount of saturated fat
  • The new system works out the points value of every food by calculating the amount of protein, carbohydrate, fat and fibre in every food
  • The old system didn’t distinguish between chocolate bars and bananas.  If they had the same points, then they were the same and you could choose whichever you liked
  • The new system makes all fruits points free so you can still choose whatever you like, but there’s an incentive to eat more healthily
  • On the new system you get an extra 49 points to ‘spend’ as you like throughout the week

That all makes sense, however they’ve chosen to make the whole thing wonderfully complicated by doubling the points totals for most foods and only increasing the individual points allowance by about 1.5 times.

When you add in the fact that:

  • Vast quantities of foods that are available in shops, supermarkets and restaurants across the country have simply ceased to exist as far as their food database is concerned (and without that you have to work out the points for everything manually, which is just not practical)
  • They haven’t even managed to add all of their own foods into the database – seriously!  I have weight-watchers branded foods in my cupboards that they haven’t even bothered to add into the new database
  • Every supermarket in the country still has high stocks of Weight Watchers branded foods for sale that have the older incorrect points values on their packaging
  • There appears to be no avenue available for dialogue or complaint, as Weight Watchers don’t actually respond to anything placed on their official forums

it all starts to look more than a little shoddy.  Still I’m sure it will all work out, but there is no way I could begin to think about recommending WW to anyone else right now.

Look at me – 23 weeks in and I’m more concerned about the way they’re administering the program!  lol.  I really AM making progress here…

Let’s summarise where I am:

  • I’m 43lb lighter than I was 23 weeks ago (19.5kg in new money)
  • That’s about the weight of a 5 year old child (I’ve lost a Libby if her mum is reading this 🙂 )
  • Or the weight of a Welsh Springer Spaniel apparently
  • I’ve lost 17% of my starting weight
  • I was wearing XXXL clothes at the start of this, and I’m now finding XLs much to big
  • My BMI has dropped from 35.7 to 29.7
  • I had to get my watch adjusted as it was falling off of me
  • I’ve had to move a ring to my middle finger
  • My shirt size has dropped from an 18.5″ collar to a 16″.

All in all I’m happy 🙂

Have a good week.

The Shrinking Man

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