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7lbs and counting…

Just a quick update here – lots to do today.

Second weigh in – 3lbs lost.  That’s seven pounds in total, which is half a stone in two weeks.  I’m really pleased, and am feeling quite proud of myself, as I’ve really dedicated myself to my shrinking art this week.

I’m very aware that this rate of weight loss won’t continue, and it’s probably not healthy if it does.  After the first few weeks, Weight Watchers aim for people to lose just a pound or two a week, and I’m interested to see how different that feels when the progress is slower.  There will be weeks where I’ll stay the same weight I’m sure, and also weeks where I’ll struggle with the whole thing and maybe even put on weight.  That’s where the challenges lie, so I’m mentally preparing myself for those now, while I’m feeling pretty good.

It’s quite difficult to stay motivated, even when you’re losing weight, as the sheer scale of the task can sometimes make it seem that 3lbs just isn’t much at all really.  It’s all relative I suppose – 3lbs to someone at 18st (17st 11 now 😉 ) is not as significant in the wider scheme of things as it would be to an 11st person.  Perhaps it is though.  I don’t know.  All I can say is that today, I’m feeling proud, and that I’ve achieved something significant, and that I’m now well on my way to my first target which is 17st 5lbs.  I’d like to think that I can hit that target within a month or so, and that would mean that I’ll have lost 5% of my starting weight.

The shrinking continues…

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