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49th Nervous Breakdown?

Morning all!

Weigh-In number 49 has just been completed, and I’m pleased to report an STS.  That’s not normally a cause for celebration, but in light of my general mental well-being over the last few weeks, I’ve taken a very relaxed attitude to things this week, so am happy.

Genuinely happy.

I’m four stone lighter than I was 49 weeks ago, and I’m starting to let that really sink in.  Four stone!  That’s huge!!!  Or more to the point, I used to be huge, but I’m not any more.  I’ve taken the time to treat myself a bit this week, both in terms of food and other stuff – If I noticed myself instinctively denying myself something, then I’ve been stopping and asking myself whether I’d genuinely like the thing.  Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn’t (which was quite interesting in itself) and if I wanted it, then I had it.  I’ve had four (yes four!) mars bars this week 🙂  And I really enjoyed three of them!

I also went clothes shopping again, and deliberately bought some clothes that were too small for me, as I wanted to see how far off of getting into them I was.  It was only a few weeks ago that I brought myself a pair of 34 inch waist jeans, but they’re actually quite loose.  Trousers are a problem for anyone with a belly, as you can either have the trousers up over the belly, which makes you look like a serial killer, or have the belly over the trousers, which means the jeans are too low and your bum looks saggy.  Anyway, I brought myself a pair of 32 inch waist jeans, just to see what they were like.  I can get them on, and I can do them up!  I’m not going to wear them just yet, because they push all the belly stuff up over the top into what I’m reliably informed is known as a ‘muffin top’, which doesn’t look all that good.

But they’ll look ok in another stone or so.  Whenever that happens.

I also bought a Medium shirt and that wasn’t too far off of being ok either.  I could do it up, but it was tight around the muffin top, and a little tight around the chest.  Again, in a while, that will fit as well.

It’s quite odd coming to terms with the fact that I’m not a big guy at all.  No big-bones here to blame anything on – I’m going to be quite puny at the end of the day, which is quite amusing to be honest!

I have no idea what this week will bring in terms of weight gain or loss, but whatever happens, I am determined to enjoy being without those 56 pounds.

Have a good week.

The Shrinking Man


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