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20 weeks, a size 16 collar and an adjusted watch strap

Well what a week it’s been!

I’ve just stepped off of the scales following my 20th weigh-in and I am delighted to announce that I’ve dropped 4lb off this week.  That brings the running total to 41lb, so I’m just a pound off of having lost 3 stone in the last 20 weeks.  This is what is commonly known as a good thing.

It’s actually felt like quite a difficult week, so I’m really pleased that I’ve got such a great result to show for it.  I’m still having trouble with my motivation at times (although results like this will certainly help) and I’ve still got problems with my shoulder so I’ve not been able to swim at all either.

Having said that, I knew I’d lost weight, and it felt like quite a lot, so I’m not too surprised.  My clothes are feeling looser, and even clothes that I’ve just bought are starting to hang off of me a little bit.  I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday and I bought the same size as I did just a few weeks ago, and while they still sort of fit, they’re definitely looser than the last pair were.

My wife and I are off to a charity ball this evening, so I dusted off my DJ and tried it on earlier in the week.  It’s too big.  It’s not clown suit too big (as one of my other suits was referred to by a client earlier in the week – that’s the last time I’m wearing that one) but it’s noticeably too big.  This is obviously a good thing, however I’m not exactly flush for cash right now, so it’s also a bad thing as I really can’t afford to replace it.  I hummed and ahhhed for a few days about it, because although it would have looked quite large on me, I could have worn it.  In the end I decided to take the plunge and replace it anyway, which was quite an interesting response for me to be honest.  It means that I’m caring more about my appearance than I have done for a very long time, it means that I’m quite proud of how I look right now, and it means that I just want to show off how much weight I’ve lost.  Even though there will be next to nobody there who I know well enough for them to notice.  And even though I fully expect to shrink out of the new DJ in a few months time anyway.

The visit to the tailors was a really positive experience, and I hope you’ll understand when I say that that isn’t a phrase I often use to describe any clothes-buying adventures.  First of all, I kept choosing things that turned out to be too big.  And they weren’t the biggest sizes either.  I was genuinely enjoying this experience, and was starting to think that I might leave looking somewhere decent.  Trousers and Jacket chosen , I asked the man with the tape measure to check what size shirt I needed, as I know that ALL my existing shirts are a fair bit big on me these days.  All of the shirts I own are either 17.5″ or 18″ collars.  He measured me and said ‘16.5″ sir’ which was great news.  Then came the bad news.  They didn’t have a single dress shirt in 16.5″ collar.  He suggested a 17″ as that would probably be ‘ok’.  I said that I wasn’t interested in getting a larger size, as I was getting smaller, not bigger and asked to try on the 16″.

It fitted perfectly.  Get in there!  I’m still grinning about that one actually, and went out and bought myself a few more work shirts that actually fit as well.  I now can’t afford to eat for the next few months, which I guess might help anyway…

I’m told that it’s important to visualise how you want to be, in order to help get you there.  I’ve always struggled with that, and I certainly never considered the possibility that I would lose weight on my wrists and fingers, so my visualisation would never have been accurate.  I’ve got a ring that I now have to wear on my middle finger, as it actually falls off of the ring finger and I don’t want to lose it.  My watch has been slipping further and further down my wrist for the last month or so, so much so that I’m worried that I must look like I’ve got some strange nervous tic as I keep stretching my arm out and shaking my wrist to get it back into position.    I took my watch into the jewellers to get it adjusted yesterday, so even that now fits.

I guess the most satisfying thing this week has just been the simple demonstration that this whole eating sensibly thing works.  I had a bad week a couple of weeks ago where I put on a couple of pounds after a ‘letting myself go’ kind of weekend.  As a result, I didn’t panic, I didn’t move into Pizza Hut and I didn’t beat myself up.  Well not too much anyway.  All I did was got back on with eating sensibly, and oddly enough it all starts moving in the right direction again.

Anyway, have a great week everyone – and keep shrinking!

The Shrinking Man

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