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10lbs and counting…

And still counting down!

Third weigh in this morning and another 3lbs off.  That’s 10lbs in total, and to say I’m as pleased as punch would be an understatement.  Let me summarise where I am right now – I’m eating far, far healthier than I have done in years, and I’m loving it.  More fruit than I’ve ever eaten, and lots of salad and vegetables too.  I’m not starving myself at all – if at any point I feel hungry, then I’ll find something too eat – the key is it would probably be something healthy and filling rather than the sort of crap I would have eaten before.

I’m also exercising more than I have done in years, and I’m genuinely enjoying that too.  I’m not running marathons or anything, but I’m doing 40 minutes of strenuous exercise at the gym three times a week, and taking opportunities for walking and stair climbing wherever possible.  I stayed on the 11th floor of a hotel in Cardiff earlier this week.  At one point I was waiting for the lift with a small group of people, and we’d been waiting for quite a while.  There were general mumbles of discontent from the people around me, so I took the stairs.  I voluntarily chose to walk 11 flights of stairs.  Now we were going down, so I can’t claim any major physical achievements here, but mentally it was quite a shift for me.

I’m having strange experiences.  I’m getting hungry.  But in a good way.  When it comes to somewhere near to meal time, there’s a ‘getting empty’ feeling in my stomach that’s actually quite pleasant and makes the food taste better.  My stomach rumbles!  These probably aren’t that much of a revelation to the thin-bloke in the street, but they’re actually quite exciting to me.

I had an interesting experience yesterday.  Twice.

I like sausages!  There – I’ve said it.  I really do like sausages.  Ideally fresh, meaty and organic, but to be honest, I just love sausages.  Now sausages can be quite high in points, so a little care has to be taken – I’ve only had one type of sausage since I started this and they were 3 points a piece.  If I was to have four of those, then that’s more than a third of my daily points total in itself, so caution is needed.

Now on a trip to Morrisons the other day, I’d brought some special “eat-smart super low fat and fantastically healthy” sausages to make it slightly easier to fit them into my eating plan.  They had 1 point per sausage instead of the 3 mentioned above, which made them easy to fit into any meal.  And to be completely honest, it also meant I could eat loads of them if I wanted to.

To cut a long story short, they tasted of nothing, and the texture was horrible and just wrong.  I ate five of them.  Five sausages, each one probably quicker than the last, as I sought flavour, and lets face it, probably fat but all to no avail.

I had a similar experience late last night.  My wife and I both grabbed a pack of crisps on the way up to bed (wild aren’t we?)  She grabbed a pack of French Fries (1.5 points per pack), as she’d been out drinking, and sometimes you just have to grab a pack of French Fries when you’ve been out drinking.  I grabbed a pack of special Weight Watchers hula hoop type things (1 point per pack and especially made for, well especially made for fat blokes) because she was having crisps, and some habits are just difficult to break 😉 .

Similar scenario – the lower point stuff was tasteless and boring.  The texture was right, but the taste was all wrong.  My wife described it as eating crunchy air.

So there’s probably no big surprises there, even for me.  Modified versions of relatively unhealthy foods don’t taste as good when they take all the calories out.  What was different was my internal response to it.  With the sausages, I made a mental promise to myself that in the future I was only going to eat decent, tasty sausages, and that it would be nicer to eat a couple of those than a dozen of the tasteless crap things.  If I’m still hungry afterwards (which I probably wouldn’t be), then I’ll have some more veg or fruit to fill me up.  With the crisps, then if I’m going to eat them, I might as well enjoy them, so I’m going to buy shares in Walkers so I get some benefit from the experience 🙂

Keep on shrinking.

The Shrinking Man

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The unseen threat in all of this is that as peoplefight to downsize obesity the knock on effect of all of this then emerges as fitness levels tightens up with less available exercise being taken and more disease becoming prevalent…If Central Governments don’t take a grip soon then we could be facing an obesity problem.

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