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And the results from the Week 43 Jury are…

Morning all!

Week 43 weigh-in just completed, and it’s an STS (that’s a Stayed The Same for those new to the jargon.)

It’s been a bit of a nothing week in lots of different ways, so I’m not surprised or disappointed that I’ve not lost anything.  If I go back over my progress, whenever I hit a major goal it tends to be followed by a few sluggish weeks, so following on from last week’s achievement of the 4st target, then I was expecting this sort of week.

I’ve not gone mad or anything this week, I just haven’t been quite as fastidious at times than I otherwise would have been, and therefore I’ve not lost anything.  The one thing I did manage was a trip to the gym, which has been something I’ve not got around to for a month or so.  It sounds a bit silly to blame a lack of exercise on just being too busy, but right now that’s a pretty accurate estimate of what’s happened.  For a number of extremely dull reasons I’ve ended up with a huge workload for the next couple of months, which means that time is the one thing I don’t seem to have much of, so trips to the gym are a luxury that I’m struggling to fit in, which is a shame, as I really do love my swimming.  Anyway, that will all work its way out soon I’m sure.

I’m going to leave it at that for this week – a bland sort of week, with a bland sort of outcome.  Better than a gain though, so am relaxed and happy with it.

Have a great week.

The Shrinking Man.